Tally Case Studies

1.Wings to Tally migration

One of our clients in trading industry approached us for migrating their Financial and operational data which is prevailing in their existing software “Wings” To Tally.

Our development team did requirement analysis and extracted data by using various Tools, transformed the data, and load the data in tally.

As per the requirement of our Client’s Chartered Accountant the daily transactions entered in various legacy application had to be updated real time in to tally, which was done by our integration team.

With the help of tools developed by us we migrated their existing data into Tally in a short span of time and educated our client.

2.Invoice Customization

We were approached by a client from Hotel Industry to customize their invoicing format to adapt to the new statutory tax reform (GST).

Our development team identified the tax rates for the respective HSN code. Post identification we designed a new invoice template to capture all the requisite data as per the statutory requirement viz. GST No., HSN Code, Tax rate, etc.

Now, the Client is compliant with all the statutory requirements with respect to invoicing

3.UOM alteration

One of the major issues faced by players in ply wood industry and other industries in same discipline is the maintenance of two Unit of measurements. One while purchasing and the other while invoicing.

Our Clients approached us and asked us to address the UOM issues. They were engaging in the practice of buying the material in Square meters whereas while invoicing, they invoiced in square feet.

Our development team obtained the technical details regarding Sq. Feet and Sq. Meters. They set Square meter as base and made appropriate changes to accommodate square feet as UOM and enabled the same while invoicing for sales.

4.Bill of Material (BoM) Customization

We were approached by a manufacturing unit to implement the Bill of material feature in Tally.

Our development team identified and obtained a list of materials used by the firm to produce the finished product

Post obtaining the information, those details were updated in stock item creation screen in Tally and the customer is trained on the same. After this implementation, the client is able to have an exact stock-in-hand position along with location.

5.Tally Data Extraction and auto upload portal

One of our client is an Auditor firm providing services to a large group of small, medium organizations. Many of those use Tally ERP 9, Most of its customers were not experts in Tally and hence unable to provide the exact data the auditing firm is looking for. Hence to pull authorized data on time for audit is very much required, and approached us for a right solution.

Our Solution

We took advantage of Tally's web API to extract information

Web Portal

This web portal is used by the auditor. Here Auditor will create a 'task' to be performed at the client's Tally system to extract data. Each task consists of clients' mobile number, a task number and a file. These files are written in either Tally's XML or TDL language. When a task requires more than one action, he can ZIP multiple files and upload. Once upload is completed, portal will validate the file type and send an email to customer.

Desktop Application

This application is installed in customer place, users will enter their mobile number and the task number shared by the Auditor. Our application will download the file and send it to Tally and get the result back from Tally. This result is then sent back to the web portal and attached with the task. In case of ZIP files, zip file extracted and each file is sent one by one to tally and their results are zipped into a single file for attaching to the task. Auditor will be able to see the status of the task and download and view the result files from the portal.

6.Business Analytics & Backup Tool

Our client has Business Analytics tool that works with SQL Server. Since he maintains all his accounts in Tally he requested us to build a tool to import data from Tally and export it to SQL Server.

Our tool uses Tally ODBC data API to connect with Tally. Once connected it will extract all the required data from Tally DB. This information will be shown in a data grid for the client to view. If client wants to imports to the data, application will automatically update old records and insert new records as required.


A file system or hardware crash can result in unrecoverable data loss. And losing valuable data like Tally's account data could cause serious harm to a company. But most organizations lack IT support to have an effective backup strategy.

One of our client is an Auditor who provides services to a large number of businesses. He want to provide a free and easy to use backup tool to his clients. This tool should be easy to use and should also provide privacy and security to the customers


We choose cloud backup using Google Drive as the best backup solution for this scenario. Uploading user data to their own google account ensured the privacy and security of the system. By using cloud backup using google drive, this frees up auditor from managing IT infrastructure on his end. We developed an easy to use app for the end user to effectively manage their backups.

This app will work as below

Client sign in to our app using his own google account
Our app will intelligently picks up the Tally data directory even if it is installed in a nonstandard location
With a single click our application will compress and upload entire Tally data directory to the users own google drive
Backups are organized with data and time stamps
When user want to restore the backups, we list all the available backups to him with date and time
User will download and manually restore the data directory

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