Testing Tools

Hi, Program testing and fault detection can be aided significantly by testing tools and debuggers. A test case in software engineering normally consists of a unique identifier, requirement references from a design specification, preconditions, events, a series of steps (also known as actions) to follow, input, output, expected result, and actual result. Clinically defined a test case is an input and an expected result. See the attachment for the more information.... Testing Tools I am more [...]

Test case template

Hi, "Effective system testing requires a concrete and testable system-level specification. A system specified with use-cases provides much of the information necessary for system testing: ... the collection of use-cases is the complete functionality of the system”. The purpose of this tutorial is to show a creation process of a test case template. Often, we create it in the wrong way, because we use the wrong field types, and this, in turn, increases the execution and maintenance process more [...]

Toward Developing Good Programming Style ::: Try to improve urself

Every program you write that you intend to keep around for more than a couple of hours ought to have documentation in it.

Don’t talk yourself into putting off the documentation.

A program that is perfectly clear today is clear only because you just wrote it.

Put it away for a few months, and it will most like take you a while to figure out what it does and how it does it.

If it takes you a while to figure it out, how long would it take someone else to figure it out?

Defect Report & Defect Density

Defect reports are probably primary work product for most of the software testers. Good bug report, which is informative and understandable earns you a good reputation. Weak report generate extra work for everyone. Most of the time, a weak bug report is returned with comments saying not clear, need more information etc. That makes you work again on the same defect and thus reduces efficiency of testers and developers both. Defect reports are not only used by programmers, but also by managers, more [...]