SMF – customisation info

SMF can be customise as shown in this forum. Usually all the files are kept in the "Forum" folder. In that select "Themes" folder will be exixting. By default the theme used is "default". So any changes to be made in the SMF forum, the files to be modified are kept inside this folder only. Here in this article I tried to give certain points to customize the SMF forum. I tried to express the problems we faced in the customization and also the solutions for that problems. 1. In the title bar the more [...]

What is Silverlight?

Silverlight is a new cross-browser, cross-platform implementation of the .NET Framework for building and delivering the next generation of media experiences and Rich Interactive Applications (RIA) for the web. It runs in all popular browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Opera. The plugin required to run Silverlight is very small in size hence gets installed very quickly. It is combination of different technologies into a single development platform that more [...]

Simple Tool Tip using action script 2

1. Create a new flash file and save it as tooltip.fla 2. Create a movie clip named as 'tooltip_mc' and move it on stage. 3. Set the instance name as same 'tooltip_mc' for the movie clip 4. Copy the below actionscript coding in first frame of layer 1 MovieClip.prototype.toolTip = function(msg:String) { this.onRollOver = function() { timer = setInterval(showTip, 500); theObject = this._name.toString(); function showTip() { clearInterval(timer); more [...]

Marquee Text in ActionScript 2

1. Create a new flash file and save as marquee.fla. 2. Add two new text control on stage and set the name as txtContent and txtCnt respectively 3. Copy and Paste the below coding in first frame Code: var SampleText = " Our prospects will find compelling reasons to become our customers. We did research and found that why most of the prospective customers want to purchase our products / services. "; txtContent.text = SampleText; function scroll() { txtCnt.text = txtContent.hscroll; txtContent.hscroll more [...]