Designing Phase – How to Create the Best User Experience for Your Application?

Hi, All I have provided this content from MSDN URL - Also I have attached the content in a document for ready review without changing it. Hope this will be an excellent document to understand how we should design a application with more attractive UI. Check it out and read it..... Rich User Experience-Design Palani more [...]

Links on Usability testing

Hi, All of us collect requirements from our customers and design web / windows applications by following the design standards evolved during the project evaluation. Nobody is giving importance, of usability of the application by all stake holders. IF YOU'RE INTERESTED VISIT THE BELOW LINK Spend good enough time to understand the basics and processes involved. DEVELOP HIGHLY USABLE APPLICATIONS Pal more [...]

Read basics of usability testing.

Hi, Usability testing (or user testing) involves measuring the ease with which users can complete common tasks on your website. The results of the analysis are a huge eye-opener and their implementation often leads to: Increased sales and task completion and a high rate of return site visitors A greatly improved understanding of your customers' needs A significant reduction in call centre enquiries A much more user-focused in-house development team Source: from web credible website. Find more [...]

Make a quick glance about Usability Testing

Hai Everybody, This article is about Usability testing and made a quick glance about it. Usability Testing: This defines how far products become user-friendly for end users. 10 points for quick Usability testing: Top 10 points for undergoing quick usability testing for a web page 1.  Frames 2.   Over use of “leading-edge”(new)  technology 3.   Scrolling text, marquees, and animations 4.   Complex URLs (Ex: 5.   Orphans more [...]