Abbrevation of PHP

PHP originally stood for Personal home page.

But as of now it is changed to PHP-Hypertext preprocessor.
This type of acronym is called recursive acronym.

You can find many recursive acronyms in computer world.
Some of them are:

To submit an article- In Joomla

1. Login as <user> 2. Click “Submit an Article” 3. You are redirected to a page as below – 4. Enter the title for the article to be posted in “Title:  “box 5. Enter the article content in the text area found just below the Title area 6. A set of variety of tools are available for better formatting styles including  HTML editor 7. Images can be subjected easily in articles by clicking and uploading required image through “Image” found just below more [...]

Usemap -how to enter in a article

There always a necessary to use parts of an image to link with different urls. Say for example, while clicking on the Maps, you can see different link on mouse over the map. While clicking on the particular area you will be directed to the corresponding area detail and so on. This can be easily acheived by the HTML page using usemap tag. But to implement the usemap in an article image, the editer will filter such tag, so cant do directly. A simple trick is to is disabling the editer for the more [...]

To make the joomla site urls Search Engine friendly

The URLs in the joomla site will not not have the meaning names according to the content. Instead it will displayed like below: "/index.php?option=com_cbcontact&Itemid=65" In order to make the URLs meaningful, the SEF option should be enabled. To acheive this try the following. 1. In the site root the file named htaccess.txt will be exist, and rename it as .htaccess 2. Login as Administrator. 3. In global configuration area,and under site tab, there exist the area "SEO Settings". 4. more [...]