Microsoft ‘Geneva’ Framework Supports SAML 2.0, WS-Federation, and WS-Trust.

Hi All, Microsoft has announced a new identify management strategy, which is "becoming more important with the growth of cloud-based computing and its associated need for new ways to access software and services from any location or device." The single, simplified, claims-based identity model code-named "Geneva" includes support for several standards in the federated identity space, including SAML 2.0, WS-Federation, and WS-Trust. Read more from I more [...]

User interface markup languages

User interface markup language are they we are going to develop UI in the near future. Currently there are many languages and surely more will come. User interface markup language allow us to define UI in terms of a mark up language tags. These tags will look like XML(HTML) tags. This allows us to create UI quicker and faster than currently possible. Microsoft is pushing for XAML(Extensible Application Markup language) for the .Net framework under the name Windows Presentation Foundation). It more [...]

Top 10 Technologies – SaaS – Advantages

Hi all, Let us all know about the SaaS advantages, all software will be hosted as web application and accessed as a service from Internet service providers instead of buying it ..... this is the trend adopted by all companies during this recession period. Benefits of SaaS Model (Software as a Service) Lower cost No upfront investments in licenses, hardware, training etc, only periodic subscription fees that are a fraction of the license cost No resources required to run and maintain more [...]

What is Cloud Computing?

What is Cloud Computing? Cloud Computing is a set of IT/Business application services that companies provide for a payper use or rental basis. Storage, servers, and applications also fall in this realm of Cloud Computing and are available on‐demand basis. Therefore procuring hardware, software and applications can just be done in hours unlike the traditional ways of establishing data centers before one could focus on building/delivering the business solutions. These services are highly Scalable more [...]