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Staffing services

WBC Software Lab has strategized its staffing services based on industry requirements, as it is constantly witnessing the experience and capability to its clients; it has a sophisticated finishing school academy in place with its training division. By having excellent relationship and trust with its neighborhood academic institutions and from its training division, WBC Software Lab trains its APTECH students and new recruits from open market, train them on real time industry needs, make them highly more [...]

Why Karaikudi?

For Development Centre Karaikudi is famous for its renowned antique, diamond trade, temples like Pillayarpatti, art of construction like Chettinadu heritage i.e. kanadukathan palace as well as other houses, Education where the famous Star value Alagappa University/ACCET, chettinadu culture/food. And India's most reputed research Institution CECRI is present at karaikudi. It is situated down south of Tamil Nadu near Madurai i.e. 80kms, near Trichy i.e. 100kms and from Chennai with a population more [...]

The contents of an outsourcing contract

The contents of an outsourcing contract The scope, definition and description of services/products to be delivered. A clear statement on the rights and obligations of both the parties, so that each party knows what it must do under the agreement and what benefits it will receive in return. Governance structure, representation and reporting requirements. General conditions about security, privacy and warranties. Plan and schedule that applies to delivery and implementation of the products more [...]

Critics of outsourcing

What to Outsource? Can any organization recognize a process which might be outsourced offshore? Most likely properties of strong offshore outsourcing processes often: Require minimal client or end-user interaction Have limited reliance on IP Have mature features and stable well defined requirements are standardized, repetitive, well segmented and documented Do not involve secure or sensitive data Large enough to produce substantial benefits have low added value or labor intensive The more [...]
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