About Us

20 years ago, when most IT service providers were focused on extending services in metro cities of India, two management graduates Venkatachalam and Palaniappan, decided to nurture local talents from small cities of their home state Tamilnadu in South India. In the year 1995 WBC Software Lab was launched with the sole aim of providing quality IT training to a population comprising beginners to advanced users. In association with APTECH, WBC Software Lab has been nurturing young minds who are aspiring to build strong career in IT industry for the past several years.

In the year 2000, keeping with the general trend, WBC Software lab expanded its operations to software development primarily to meet the domestic market demands. It grew up rapidly to fulfil the software requirements for clients in Asia and Middle East. Micro ERP, one of WBC software lab's flagship products and an ERP for companies with small budget, gained measurable success.

With the support of ample local talents, WBC Software lab became a full-fledged Software Development and IT solution provider in 2006. WBC teams have gained expert knowledge after serving clients in United States, Canada and Europe for more than 7 years. The expertise involves areas such as EAI, 24x7 Onsite/offshore support and Mobile application development.

WBC Software Lab has implemented strong policies on quality and client relationship. Its focus has always been on
Quality, Economical Service to the clients
Continuous improvement in timely delivery processes
Build a secured & safe work environment to employees
Adhering to the client agreements
Quickly adapt latest technologies
Constantly update and provide the latest infrastructure
Build trust among customers and employees
Make WBC, the best place to learn and work

WBC Software Lab is now a reputed company in Karaikudi due to its involvement in the following CSR activities through social participation.
Developing local talents
Tie-ups with colleges nearby
Creating public awareness on various social issues (reduction of plastic usage, nature protection etc.,)
Creating awareness on organ donation

By maintaining quality and transparency, the organization has built long lasting relationship with many clients.

WBC Software Lab is rising slowly and steadily with the help of all stakeholders like clients, employees, well-wishers and friends.

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